If you feel that your skills could be a good match for our company then why not get in touch? We have a great team of tutors and are always looking for those who are able to inspire and engage children and young people in a way that genuinely makes a difference!

At Learning Academies we enable teachers to teach! You get to do what you do best, making a difference and changing lives!

There are three main options – tutoring on the iAspire or iAchieve programme – or both!

Our iAspire Tutors work 1:1 with children and young people for whom education has proven not to be the most successful of experience. Our students join the programme for a wide range of reasons but, in common, they all have the need for a reliable, understanding and challenging tutor who will encourage them to set new goals, have aspirations and be positive. The iAspire Programme generally operates within the school day and is based in libraries, care homes or the child’s own home (if this is suitable).

Our iAchieve Tutors work in a small group setting, with a maximum of six students. Each student has their own unique programme of learning, designed to raise attainment in maths and/or English. Alongside the academic achievements we work hard to raise confidence, resilience and to encourage a real love of learning. iAchieve generally takes place out of school hours, in venues across the county.

To Join Our Team…

If you are interested in joining our team, working for between 2-30 hours a week, then please start the ball rolling by completing an EXPRESSION OF INTEREST… just click on the link below. Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.